Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Bald Eagle Annual Festival Classes Announced

I am happy to announce to final details for this years Scrapbooking classes offered during the American Bald Eagle Foundation's annual festival in November.  To register for classes and the festival, please click here.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who loves our national bird to see thousands of them in their natural environ and indulge in some great scrapbooking classes.  I'll be gearing these courses to showcase layouts featuring photos from our photography trip last year to Haines, Alaska.  For a gallery of some of our favorite photos, please check out our ONLINE GALLERY at Shetzers Photography.

These 2 day classes will help those who are just getting started in scrapbooking or who are interested in learning more about this wonderful paper craft and want to know where to start.  

Here are some of our objectives for the classes:

Gearing up for the Expedition:
Introduction to Scrapbooking
What will I learn in this hands on workshop?
* What is Scrapbooking?
* What are the 3 goals of scrapbooking?
* How do I organize my photos?
* What tools do I need?
* What are the key components of a layout?
You will create your first layout.
Sign Me Up:
Beginner’s Scrapbooking
What will I learn in this hands on workshop?
* How does color influence my layout?
* What are color combinations?
* How do I select colors?
* How do I create line & movement?
* What is the rule of thirds?
* What is the rule of 3's?
Create your second layout using all the techniques you have learned.

Click to enlarge this image for more information.
 You can check out some of my layouts of these beautiful birds in my online gallery here.

Hope to see you there!

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