Tuesday, August 30, 2011


WONDER - May 4, 2010 - Zion National Park, Utah

JOURNALING:  To get to our campsite in Springdale, we had to drive through the tunnel.  It was a tight fit

SUPPLIES USED: National Park paper, Best Occasions paper, K&Co Boy Scouts title

TECHNIQUE TIP:  I don't know about you, but I love to buy the most unique patterned paper but then I struggle with how to use it because "I don't want to cover it up".  Anyone else ever had that problem?  Well, this paper had a great map of Zion National Park that I wanted to use as my background, but I wanted to leave a large portion of it visible so I decided to only add two other more solid looking papers and create an interesting weave pattern to it to add some texture and dimension.  I didn't want my title "floating" on the layout, so I anchored it by placing a round journaling tag behind the O.  A couple of ribbons and butterflies on my solid paper and I accomplished my goal of having the majority of my patterned paper visible on my completed layout.

Monday, August 29, 2011


UTAH BOUND - May 2010 - Utah

JOURNALING:  May totals:  2,912 miles in 45+ hours of driving

SUPPLIES USED:  K&Co Road Trip papers and embellishments

TECHNIQUE TIP:  There are times when a scrapbook page does not need any photos at all to tell a story, but a map and good journaling will do the trick.  On this layout, I wanted to show an overview of our trip from the very southern tip of Texas all the way into Utah and its beautiful National Parks.  The K&Company Road Trip paper and embellishments were a perfect match for this travel themed layout.  The background paper that I used was very busy so I needed lots of "white" space to come from my embellishments.  A very simple daily calendar sheet and colorful but simple title helped add interest without making it too busy.  A small map to outline our journey took the place of where I would normally put a photo - Don't be afraid to substitute maps and other memoribillia for spots normally reserved for photographs.

Monday, August 1, 2011


TOURIST - May, 3, 2010 - Flagstaff, Arizona

JOURNALING:  We overnighted in Flagstaff, AZ at a Camping World with hopes of getting our leaky slide fixed before we headed North.  They found the problem but could not fix it.

SUPPLIES USED:  Postcard, Papers & Embellishments by Best Occasions

TECHNIQUE TIP:  Sometimes I just don't have the right picture for a layout or I know that I just want a layout that is geared more towards journaling.  In those cases, I visit a couple gift shops and look for a postcard that gives a great overview of the place or thing that I'm visiting.  Don't forget that postcards and other gift shop items make great central elements or embellishments on your pages, not everything has to come from the scrapbook aisle in your local store.